Talent Concept


Boway Group sticks to a corporate motto of "Morally-oriented, Innovation-rooted and Performance-honored.” To carry out that commitment, we use a state-of-the-art, employee-focused human-resource management software package - the PeopleSoft E-HR system. This system provides complete modules and features multi-dimensional employee profiles, integrated key data bases and businesses, improved management efficiency, organization and job mapping systems, and further support to our enterprise talent strategy.
  • The recruitment mechanism of "attaching equal importance to morality and talent": In line with the principles of "combining morality with ability", "open-door enrolling" and "employing suitable talents", the company forms an introduction system of combining internal and external recruitments and absorbs various domestic and foreign talents suitable for the development of the enterprise. 

  • The employment mechanism based on fair competition: Being morality-oriented, the company encourages its employees to reflect their value with innovation and performance. It adheres to the survival of the fittest, the promotion of the capable, the replacement of the average, and the elimination of the mediocre and strives to make every employee respected and recognized by the company. Boway is committed to creating a fair, just and open employment mechanism and creating an equal, competitive and merit based employment environment.

  • The talent education mechanism of lifelong learning: learning is the starting point of employee progress, and training the basis of corporate development. The company follows the principle of "simultaneously ongoing internal and external trainings" to carry out employee training and continuously improve employee value. Grading training for employees gives full play to the guiding, motivating and cohesive role of the corporate culture. The company advocates the concept of lifelong learning, creating a learning organization, constantly improving the quality of employees and giving play to their potential. We focus on cultivating employees with good character, loyalty to the enterprise, strong sense of responsibility, innovative ideas, good performance, strong initiative and dedication, and team spirit.

  • By means of corporate culture guidance, internal selection and training, life care and assistance, and achievement sharing, we will create a good working environment for improving employees' ability, creating a relaxed atmosphere of trust, providing logistical support and providing fair rewards and punishments. The company retains and develops talents through competitive salary and benefits, working conditions, training and development opportunities, career development channels, good cultural atmosphere, long-term incentives, etc.  



Career Development

Boway Group has established a talent development management system for talent identification, development and retention. Employees can choose their development channels, management posts or professional posts, according to the company's strategy, professional expertise or career interests to improve their work skills and achieve Career Development.

  • Talent Identification

    Talent Identification

    Talent Identification

    Through key talent inventory and reservoir project, the company formulates talent planning for future key positions, combines talent development with future vacancies, and achieves promotion, transfer and retention of talents through Talent Map, succession plan and other projects.

  • Talent Development

    Talent Development

    Talent Development

    Leadership pipeline for management talents, capability development project for technical talents, and general learning and training plan for all staff.

  • Talents Retention

    Talents Retention

    Talents Retention

    The company conducts an inventory of key talents for all employees every year and includes them into the reservoir. It has established three talent pools, namely, professional and technical talent pool, potential management talent pool and potential senior management talent pool. For the employees in the talent pool, the company will provide targeted development projects in terms of technology or management and equip senior tutors to regularly evaluate the training effect, so as to promote the growth of the reservoir personnel.

Training Development
Boway Group has established a sound talent training system to help employees develop through online and offline training in various ways and mechanisms.
  • 1

    Focus on cultivating technical talents and follow the development path of scientific and technological innovation

  • 2

    Establish a sound talent echelon training mechanism and cultivate core talents

  • 3

    Emphasize employee training and cultivate a “backbone” for future corporate development

After years of experience accumulation, Boway Group has built a dynamic talent echelon training mechanism, including talent inspection, selection, training, elimination and use. These five components operate orderly around the talent reservoir. We regularly organize training on management ability and professional skills for reservoir talents to improve their management quality and professional skills and provide guidance for their career development planning; At the same time, the reservoir talents are subject to job rotation and assessment, and the talents with outstanding performance are promoted and rewarded in a timely manner, which ensure the development platform of employees in Boway.

In the face of the increasingly competitive market, Boway Group is fully aware that talent is an important resource for Boway to seize the market and we must unswervingly implement the talent strategy of "valuing, cherishing and using talents".


Employee Life
Boway constantly improves the working and living environment of its employees, enriches their spare time cultural life, improves their salary and welfare, and makes their lives better.

Talent Map

Boway Group Career Development Channels