Corporation Vision

Promote the progress of the times, create the future with intelligence and share a better life!

With strong scientific and technological innovation strength, we have been developing high-value products that meet the needs of social development, leading the development of the industry and promoting the progress of the times.
We use collective wisdom to provide effective solutions and high-quality services, serve the society, tap a broader development prospect and create a better future.
All of us work together to create value, realize dreams and share a healthy, safe and harmonious beautiful life.

Corporation Mission

We are committed to leading the development of the industry, promoting the progress of the times and building a world-class boway brand. We are committed to capital appreciation and forging a world-class enterprise group. We try our best to serve society, repay shareholders and share achievements.

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Corporation Value
Corporate Philosophy
  • Corporate Spirit

    Persistence and Struggle

    No matter how we behave and do things, we should remember our mission, never forget our pursuit, carry forward the spirit of "Persistence", persevere and lock our goals; When facing problems and encountering difficulties, we should dare to face them directly, carry forward the spirit of "Struggle", persevere and overcome difficulties; We are persistent, dedicated and persevering to promote the development of the enterprise and with our own unremitting efforts and promote the success of Boway's career with the improvement and realization of our self-worth.

  • Business Philosophy

    Constantly create value for customers

    Customers are the only force to promote the development of our business, and creating value for customers is the starting point and criterion of all our actions. We constantly innovate technology, develop blue ocean products, and create higher benefits for customers; We constantly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and provide customers with products with higher cost performance; We continue to improve our service level and technical solution capabilities, and continue to add value for customers.

  • Boway Policy

    With market as the orientation and quality as the guarantee, enhancing efficiency through management and promoting development through innovation, integrate resources and strengthen services to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

    We should serve the market and satisfy customers through business instructions as the first instructions and administrative instructions the second; we will improve customer service satisfaction through digital marketing; we will stabilize product quality assurance delivery date through digital manufacturing; we will create continuous value for customers through digital R&D. By giving full play to the company's own resources and effectively using social resources, we will achieve the enterprise's planning and objectives, thus forming our core competitiveness.

Working Style

Fast, Short, Direct and Effective

We adhere to the principle of "the fastest speed, shortest time, direct and effective way" to make sure"never put off the work of this day till tomorrow".