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boway Group Co.,Ltd. ("boway Group") has experienced 30 years of rapid yet solid development since being founded in 1987. The firm now has six R&D and manufacturing bases worldwide - each with its own specialty yet jointly sharing a large capital cooperation platform. In this way, boway Group leverages the advantages of both vast resources and unique skill sets. Areas of particular expertise span the development and output of new energy equipment, new materials, precision EDM wires, precision machine parts, and high-end sanitary hardware among others.

Through true teamwork and true continuous improvement across all staff in all functional areas group-wide, boway Group has ascended to and is noted as being among the top ranks of the high-tech manufacturing world. The Chinese government has recognized as much, conferring upon boway the “National Accredited Laboratory of China” designation for new alloy material third-party certification. boway serves as both a Unit Director and Technical Commission member of the International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC). Subsidiaries of boway, boway Alloy, and Bode Hightech are China’s National Key High & New Technology Enterprises. In Vietnam, Boviet Solar is the nation’s largest new photovoltaic brand, and Italisa is the world’s top OEM/ODM high-end sanitary hardware manufacturer.


boway Structure
boway Development

Over 30 years of history, Powerway has overcome numerous difficulties, but with perseverance, courage and wisdom, it has grown to be a large yet fine company. With small contributions made daily by each Powerway team member, the company grows steadily and consistently stronger.

Global Users

Through past years’ unremitting efforts, Powerway Group has exported diversified products, such as self-developed new alloy materials, new energy products, precision EDM wires, precision machine parts and high-end sanitary hardware to various countries and regions including but not limited to USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Holland, Australia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, South Africa and Egypt. From China, our international market pattern now covers Asia, Europe, The Americas, The Middle East, and Africa.

The company has gained wide recognition for high-quality products and outstanding service from world top 500 companies such as Apple, SIEMENS, Panasonic, TOTO, Samsung and CalCom Solar among many others. Powerway high-performance alloy products have been used in the Chinese Shenzhou Spacecrafts 1-10 series, Chang’e detector 1-2 and Tiangong-1 aircraft, a contribution to China’s industry the Group is highly proud to note.

Through true innovation and advanced technology, Powerway continuously serves global industry by providing numerous first-class products and solutions to global customers, catering to ever-changing and diversified demand for new alloy materials, new energy products, precision EDM wire and high-end sanitary hardware.


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