The company organizes the manufacturing division to visit the exchange study

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On the morning of September 21, 2016, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Vice Premier Ma Kai came to visit the research, the Ministry of Industry and Industry Minister Miao Wei, director of the SASAC Xiao Yaqing, deputy director of the Development and Reform Commission Lin Nianxiu, Zhejiang Provincial Standing Committee and Party Secretary, Mayor Tang Yijun, vice governor of Zhejiang Province Zhu Ziju, accompanied by inspection.

Vice President Ma Kai and his party first visited the Boway product exhibition hall, listened to the report on the development of Boway industry and the application of product innovation. During the visit, he expressed his appreciation for the many international leading inventions and patents, led the organization of a number of national and industry standards, and spoke highly of the current efforts to continue to innovate, praising the " Attention to research and development, willing to invest. "At the same time he pointed out that the metal materials business innovation and research and development, the transformation of national industrial enterprises, the development of the national economy is very important, we must focus, collaborative innovation, strengthen the application, nurturing talent.

After visiting the exhibition hall, Vice President Ma Kai and his party visited the company's precision cutting silk production workshop. During the visit, he stressed that the current and future period is a critical period for the construction of power in China. Industry up to do for the Chinese manufacturing to achieve the basis of large and stronger to provide basic protection.