CCTV Finance and Economics talks Boway Alloy new material technology breakthrough

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Boway Alloy is one of the leading companies in the research and development of non-ferrous alloy industry in China. It is committed to the research, development, production and sales of high-performance, high-precision non-ferrous alloy rods, wires and strips. The products are widely used in high-speed trains. More than 30 industries including smart terminal products, electronic communications, and automobiles.


In recent years, the use of high-value-added special alloys in lead frames, shields, connectors, etc. for semiconductor chips on smart terminals is rapidly increasing, and Boway Alloy is striving to create “new materials and new energy”. Auxiliary development strategy, focusing on the research and development of new materials products, and achieved many achievements in the research and development of new materials in 5G communication, chips, connectors and other fields. The advantages of Boway  special alloy new materials will become more and more obvious in the future. The competitiveness will be stronger.