About Us

boway Group Co.,Ltd. ("boway Group") is an integration of science, technology and capital on a grand scale. It is a third-party, new alloy material Chinese government certified "National Laboratory,” and is a Director Unit and Technical Committee Member of the International Association of International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC). After 30 years of rapid yet solid development, boway has seven subsidiaries on a global scale, spanning new materials, new energy, precision EDM wire, precision machine parts, high-end sanitary hardware, capital cooperation and so on.


boway Culture

The boway enterprise culture combines dreams and the 30-year development wisdom of all those who are devoted in boway, striving together towards a standard mission and vision!


boway Industry

Through powerful scientific research and innovation, boway Group is a powerhouse in the fields of non-ferrous new alloy materials, new energy, precision EDM wire, precision machine parts, high-end sanitary hardware, and capital cooperation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

boway Group considers social responsibility, inside and outside the firm, as a duty. This includes care for staff, customer service, warm-hearted public welfare and charity, environmental protection, and general promotion of social progress.

Excellent staffs are inalienable parts of a well-running enterprise, boway always tries its best to construct staff team, adhere people oriented policy, emphasize human care and cultural identity, give employees a full range of care and support in the working environment, housing security, living logistics, recreational activities, children schooling, personal growth and so on. boway has set up Enterprise Welfare Fund to help and exclude the difficult employees suffering from major illness or economic loss. So far, boway has constructed staff housing 1448 sets, helping more than 300 difficult employees.
boway always carries out “ Customer-centered” the management idea and honesty as the foundation, let good faith, passion, responsibility, values connotation fully integrated into the relationship with the customers. Be anxious the customers' anxious , thought the customers' thought, help the customers' needing. On the one hand, with market-oriented ways, boway actively study the customers’ desires, develop more high performance and better quality products to meet customer needs, on the other hand, using systematic, standardization, informationization means, innovate in production, sales, and service phases to strengthen competitiveness continuously, reach win-win cooperation, and strive to become a reliable global supplier.
Help return society, society is a long boway Group adhere to the mission and responsibility, to carry out charitable activities is the enterprise to the dedication of the society, it is also the power for the enduring success, we actively, and make unremitting efforts to build a good society.
boway sticks to the strategy of sustainable development, supports developing energy saving technologies and R&D, concentrates on saving the social resources and protecting human health and environmental protection as the main line, accelerates to construct the energy-efficient and environment-friendly mode for production and business operation. As realizing the low-carbon operation, boway vigorously promote environmentally friendly materials and product innovation of alternative materials for the construction of "green China" .