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Boway booked groups of train tickets to assist staffs to return home for Spring Festival

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With the 2014 Spring Festival dawing near, home is every Chinese keenly awaited, however, it is so hard to buy tickets home for the Lunar New Year break, which makes headache for those staffs who want to be home for Chinese New Year with family. In order to solve the problem, Boway has organized to book group train tickets for staffs since the middle of Dec 2013.

It is more difficult to buy the train tickets from Ningbo to Fuyang, Luoyang as well as Guiyang due to the Ningbo east railway station renovation. The train tickets can not be booked online. In order to solve this problem, on the one hand, Boway sent staffs to queue up more than 6 hours in railway station or agent offices to buy tickets in the bitter cold, and got 41 tickets in total.

On the other hand, in order to let more staffs to get train tickets, Boway specially sent people to Hangzhou to buy train tickets all over the country, brought 148 tickets online, and had good communication with employees, let them know originating and terminal station of the 148 tickets, confirmation before booking, tried the best to reduce and avoid the situation of buying wrong ticket or changing tickets, etc. Finally, achieving large part of the staffs to return home getting family reunion during the Spring Festival.