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Ningbo boway Alloy Material Co., Ltd. (listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange main board, stock ticker code: 601137) has been honored as one of the "First National Innovative Enterprises of China", an "Enterprise Technology Center of China", a “National Key New High-Tech Enterprise”, and an International Wrought Copper Council Director Unit and Technical Committee Member, along with the designations of "National Post-doctoral Research Station of China", "National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of China" and "National Accredited Laboratory of China". Through strategic layout, boway Alloy constructs “new alloy materials” and “new energy services” - two different vehicles heading in the same direction. Through capital injection, boway Alloy opens up an internationalized process, ushers in industrial development, and promotes the progress of the new era into which the world is heading...                                                                                                                                                    


High-performance alloy material

developed by boway are widely used in high-speed trains, telecommunication, shipbuilding, automotive, electronic instrumentation, etc.

Lead-free, free-cut brass series alloy products

developed by boway have gained one American and seven Chinese invention patents. Non-toxic and harmless, these items have been applied to potable water, food, machinery, and so forth while promoting social sustainable development, environmental protection and human health.

high-efficiency and energy-saving alloy materials

Through R&D innovation, boway high-efficiency and energy-saving alloy materials realize low electrical and heat conductivity, for remarkable energy conservation through reduced consumption. They are widely used for various energy-saving valves and adapter, and for related modules that avoid loss of heat or other energy.

Non-ferrous Ti-Zr-Zn alloy substitute materials

Non-ferrous Ti-Zr-Zn alloy substitute materials have been independently developed by boway to save energy and mitigate end-user cost. The firm has been granted six Chinese invention patents for this technology, which is widely used in telecommunication, electrical accessories, hardware & sanitary-ware operation, home decoration, locksets, and for many other applications. Non-ferrous alloy substitute material reduces production costs, saves natural resources and promotes sustainable development. 

Market customers

Over the years, boway alloy products have been widely applied to the products of Top 500 enterprises such as Andrew, Siemens, Hitachi, Panasonic, and many more. boway alloy products are sold throughout Asia and the world via a sales and distribution network on five continents and in nearly 100 countries.

Innovation of new materials, new energy products already in China, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and other countries, this is after boway alloy years of unremitting efforts. A to China as the center, covering Asia, Europe, North America and other regions of the international market system is formed.
And the company with the high quality products and excellent service won the TOTO, Siemens, Panasonic, Samsung, CalCom Solar and many other international fortune 500 companies. Among them, the high performance alloy material products are also used to China's shenzhou series of spacecraft 1-10, Chang e 1-1-10 # 2 detectors and the Tiangong aircraft supporting engineering, and for the country's space program has made a positive contribution.


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